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Qualified SAP for DOT administrations
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Any CDL or safety-sensitive DOT position holder who has a non-negative DOT drug/alcohol test or refuses to take a DOT test must enroll and complete the return-to-duty (RTD) process with a Qualified State located in your state.

To be recognized as a DOT-qualified SAP (Substance Abuse Professional), an individual must hold credentials as a counselor, psychologist, or social worker. Furthermore, they need to successfully complete a DOT-endorsed training program comprising a minimum of 40 hours of instruction. Passing both a written and oral examination is also mandatory. Upon fulfilling these prerequisites, the individual earns inclusion in a national registry of DOT-qualified SAPs. These professionals play a crucial role in combating substance abuse within the United States. Their responsibilities include conducting assessments to ascertain employees’ fitness for duty, devising and executing treatment plans, monitoring progress, and offering support throughout the recovery process. Additionally, they collaborate with other DOT team members, such as medical examiners and safety officials, to ensure the well-being and safety of employees.
Most initial SAP evaluations can be scheduled within three business days.

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The Return-To-Duty Process
Initial SAP Evaluation

You will begin by participating in a face-to-face (in-person or virtual) clinical SAP evaluation by a DOT-qualified Substance Abuse Professional (SAP). We have appointments available every day throughout the week.

SAP Recommendations

Next, your SAP will recommend education and treatment. You must comply with and complete these recommendations to be eligible to return to duty. We will serve as a referral source to assist your entry into the education and treatment program.

Return To Duty

Finally, your SAP will conduct a face-to-face (in-person or virtual) follow-up evaluation to determine your eligibility to return to safety-sensitive duty. You will then be provided documentation to give to your current or prospective employer informing them of your successful completion of the DOT SAP process.